Maintenance & Monitoring

Maintenance & Monitoring Services of Security Equipment’s and IT Network

Field Survey & Consultant Services in the field of security & Information Technology Solutions such as:

  • Doing Field Survey and Identify the security needs, risks and threats and evaluate and prepare the comprehensive security solution plan.
  • Discussing with client and gather client’s Security Systems and IT System requirements. Proposing an integrated solution designed with the latest State of Art technology

Our qualified technical support services for hardware and software products are based on a three tier model. You can always keep in touch with our support team via a web contact form, email, and phone.

Moreover, we compete with the other suppliers and system integrators by possessing a wide range of experience and skill with the best products and services using our trained and qualified personnel of our company who are well trained and experienced in the latest technology.

Whether you have got a problem with connection stability, information storage, or network safety, we are able to handle it. We have a tendency to handle hardware problems like a printer, desktop, and laptop computer repair.

  • Budget and Savings: Maintenance aligns a companys’ budget with its telephone operating costs. If a major failure occurs, the yearly maintenance plan would cover such an occurrence instead of a costly unplanned system failure
  • Priority Service: Preferred customer status gets you the fastest response time for service while putting your company at the front of the line.
  • Free Phone Support: Maintenance customers receive free over the phone support included with the maintenance agreement.
  • Free Monthly Technician Visit: An onsite technician visit to insure your system will stay running smooth.